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Silicone – the specific form and scope

“Silicon” After working with other synthetic substances, the resulting product manufacturing raw materials for various purposes, with good environmental performance, non-toxic, durable and excellent performance. Solid silicone and liquid silicone into silicone; divided into condensed liquid silicone molding silicone silicone and processing. But the different purposes but, just solid silicone to achieve the required effect of the use of liquid silicone is not necessary to select high-priced, add molding silicone condensation-type silicone does not necessarily apply for a place, and vice versa.

And a brief description of its purpose as follows:

1. Solid silica gel: from the type commonly used in the heat and the ability to be better, but the product surface is not required to, no other special glossy, matte, have not received the request marks. Typically used for general heat resistance, odor resistance, UV lamination rollers squeeze water roller, in addition to electrostatic machine nearby bridge roller wheel.

2. Liquid condensation-type silicone: commonly used in high heat and from the type of force privileged, there are seams and holes can not place the product surface to be bright, matte and can not have any bright spots, pick marks, grinding marks, chatter marks, etc. ; but the mechanical properties of the worst, to be treated with care, the pressure is not too high, commonly used in plastic sheets, film, lamination and other purposes.

 3. Plus liquid silicone molding: from the type commonly used in heat and power advantages, no highlights, no seams, no grinding marks, high strength, high elasticity of places, commonly used in plastic sheets, rubber embossing roller and imitation PU synthetic leather silicone flower wheel. However, the ability to release condensation type silicone worse than the grinding difficulty consuming, can be ground into smooth.

4. Silicone is divided into the food industry, medical industry and industrial silica gel: 

Silica gel commonly used in the food industry on food machinery spare parts, these parts must have high heat resistance, non-polluting and non-toxic, the most common food for the conveyor belt on the conveyor, pacifiers, etc. 

Silica gel commonly used in the medical industry, medical catheters, artificial cartilage, dental copy material, cheek implants …….. etc with. 

Industrial silicone commonly used in a variety of heat-packing, heat roller, business machines, keyboards and a variety of soft mold.


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