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The price of similar silicone products are vary widely.Why?

Silicone products due to its characteristics on the choice of silicone raw materials are different. Such as flame-retardant silicone, conductive silicone and the price of ordinary silicone is certainly not the same.

The appearance size of silicone products areĀ similar and its internal structure size differences. For example, many instrumentation silicone keys seem the same, but the back of the structure is far apart, some have upside down, waterproof and so on.

The production of silicone products, the diversity of technology. Such as spraying laser carving, hollow silk screen, spray silver oil, spray PU, spray paint oil, Dijiao and other processes will affect the production costs.

Demand and Mold:
The number of mold products will affect the production capacity, only the demand and mold points to a reasonable ratio, in order to reduce labor costs, improve the quality of customized silicone products.

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